Best wealthy dating apps for successful men and hot women

Are you looking for a dating app for the rich?  You are in the right place now because we are sharing the best wealthy dating apps with you here.  As experts in this industry, we have tested so many dating apps for the rich over the years, so you will benefit from this article.
After doing sufficient research, we’ve found that the best wealthy dating app in the world is Luxy.  Here is why:

Luxy has the most elegant interface among all wealthy dating apps.  

We have never seen such a beautiful app until we met Luxy.  It’s classy and upscale.  So if you are a successful gentleman with great taste, Luxy is the right app for you.  You can send "luxy roses” to women that you like on this app, which is a very elegant gesture.

Luxy doesn’t have any age limit.  

Honestly, many rich men are not young anymore; therefore, unlike most dating apps that have age limit when women are searching for men, Luxy doesn’t have this function.  That means women who use Luxy will not block you and you will show up in their search results, no matter how old you are!

You can become a verified user on Luxy.  

Because Luxy is all about integrity, you can send relevant documents to Luxy and become a ‘verified user’.  In this way, your profile will look very reliable, so women will trust you more.  That’s a great feature because it filters scams out.  By the way, women’s profiles can also be verified – to be fair.

It’s very easy to use.

 Indeed, Luxy is incredibly user-friendly.  It’s basically Tinder minus the poor!  So you just need to swipe left or right based on the photos that you see.  It’s a helpful feature for men, as men are more visual – you want to check out hot women before you meet them in person, don’t you?  

How to stand out from the crowd on Luxy:  

Most rich men on Luxy are very polite and reserved.  In other words, they can be a bit boring.  So if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should be more playful and spontaneous.  That will get women’s attention efficiently.  Therefore, you would be well-advised to learn some flirting techniques before you chat with women on Luxy.  Remember: most hot women are looking for these qualities in men – generosity, wealth, attractiveness, a good sense of humor and the ability to have fun while having a successful career.  If you think you are on the right track, definitely use Luxy now.

You can use key words to describe yourself.  

Unlike other dating apps that either require you to write a very long description or provide no chance to describe yourself, Luxy asks you to use key words to describe yourself, so that other members can easily see who you are quickly.  Examples are: millionaire, entrepreneur, hot, handsome, sexy, fitness, adventure, cooking, gourmet dining, movies, music, theater, nightclubs, playing music, watching sports, travel, volunteering and football.  Based on these key words, hot women will know that you have a passion for work and life.  Incidentally, a lot of women are worried that successful men don’t have time for her or any leisure activities, so if you can choose the right key words to show your multi-dimensional life, you will be able to get the hottest girl.
If you’d like us to recommend another outstanding wealthy dating app, our second choice is probably The League.  Although this app doesn’t say you must be a sugar daddy or a sugar baby in order to join the app, basically it’s a dating app for ambitious and successful singles.  Here are some general information about The League, which you may find helpful as well:
  • Though The League asks you to provide them with your Facebook profile and your LinkedIn profile, this app will never let your Facebook contacts or your LinkedIn contacts know that you are using this app.  The reason The League needs your Facebook profile and your LinkedIn profile is because their system needs to block all your Facebook friends and your LinkedIn contacts, so that nobody will know you are using this app and your privacy will be protected well.
  • The League has very high quality members.  You will not only meet hot women, but also meet hot women with amazing intelligence.  If that’s what you are looking for, then The League is the perfect app for you!
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