Dating for sugar daddy: an arrangement is the key to satisfaction

What is the difference between an arrangement and a relationship?  Well, once you have understood what "arrangement” means, you’ll see the difference clearly.  An arrangement is a mutually beneficial relationship – a sugar daddy and a sugar baby contribute to the relationship in different ways so that both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby can get what they want and enjoy this relationship.  Basically, it’s an honest relationship without playing games.  Unlike most relationships that are full of drama and stress, an arrangement is best characterized by setting up direct terms and conditions from the very beginning, so that nobody needs to manipulate anyone anymore.
Usually, a sugar daddy is a rich, generous and caring man, and a sugar baby is a young, attractive and sexy woman.  Most sugar daddies are successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and so on.  Most sugar babies are ambitious models, actresses, university students, and so forth.  Therefore, if you think you could be one of them, you should consider having an arrangement, because life is short, and youth is even shorter!  Therefore, you would be well-advised to fully enjoy what this world has to offer now.  
In most relationships in western society, women want more and more power.  That’s why modern relationships/marriages can hardly ever work these days – now women need to have more masculine energy in order to feel empowered.  However, in an arrangement, because you, the sugar daddy, can give your sugar baby exactly what she wants, of course, you sugar baby will give you what you want.  In this way, you’ll be satisfied in your love life, e.g. all your sexual fantasies will come true at last!
Now here are a list of tips that will surely help you with your sugar dating experience:

Set up terms and conditions on the first date.  

Your sugar baby can’t read your mind, so you just need to tell her exactly what you expect.  Consequently, you’ll need to set up terms and conditions with her from the beginning of your arrangement.  For instance, you may only spend a few hours with her per week; you may only buy her gifts rather than give her money; you will need her to do erotic dance in front of you twice a week, etc.  This is also the perfect chance to see what your sugar baby expects, e.g. she may want to receive a certain amount of allowance per month; she may want you to help her with her future career; she may want you to pay her tuition fee at university.

Once you have set up the terms and conditions with your sugar baby, it’s time to have sex with her soon.  

Don’t wait for too long – you should sleep with her soon.  Only in this way can you find out whether she is able to meet your needs or not.  Once you’ve figured it out, you’ll know whether this is going to be a long-term arrangement or not.  If she can’t meet your needs, you should end the arrangement early, so that nobody’s time is wasted.

Avoid drama queens.  

Although arrangements are not for women who are into drama, you still need to be aware: drama queens are the worst sugar babies no matter how hot they are, as they may want to meet your wife or your adult children and negotiate with them in the future – some drama queens like that might want to replace your wife (if you are a married sugar daddy) and can be hard to deal with.  As a result, you should use your common sense and see if this hot woman is a drama queen or not.  If you are a mature, worldly and sophisticated man, you can test her personality by talking to her and asking her the right questions such as "Why did you end your last relationship?” and "How did you end your last relationship?”  If she blames her ex-partner a lot, that’s a red flag.  If she can answer these questions calmly and peacefully, you know she is more likely to be the right sugar baby for you.
By the way, not all arrangements include sex.  In fact, some arrangements only include foreplay, observing the hot woman stripping, etc.  So it’s really up to you.  Be creative and be bold – choose the lifestyle you want and live your dreams.
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