How to date sexy girls from Russia

According to a global study, Russian girls are the hottest of all.  No wonder so many well-known pickup artists in the world are into Russian women, as evidenced by so many online pickup videos featuring hot women from Russia.  In this article, you will learn some key facts about Russian ladies as well as how to get them in record time.

Russian women are considerate, kind and very feminine.  

Women in Russia want to take care of their men and will try their best to make their men happy.  Therefore, most Russian girls are good at doing housework and impressing you in the bedroom.  At the very beginning, you may find Russian women a bit cold, but that’s actually because they don’t know you very well.  You need to make them trust you first, as that’s the prerequisite of a sustainable relationship.

Russian ladies are selective – they are truly hard to get.  

Maybe Russian girls are the hardest women to get in the world, because they really expect their men to be real men.  However, if you are motivated by challenges and are eager to have sex with the hottest sugar baby, then you must try a hot Russian woman.

Don’t try any silly pickup lines.  

If you practice your opener on Russian women, they will know it’s BS, as they expect you to be direct and honest – You must own your desire.  You must show her this is a conversation between a man and a woman.  If you want to date her, please be crystal clear.  Don’t beat around the bush because she might see you as a coward!

Be candid.  

If you want to date a hot Russian girl, make sure your interactions with her are all honest.  If you only tell her what she wants to hear or lie to her, sooner or later, she will find it out.  And that alone will turn her off.  Russians don’t like lies.  They mean what they say, and they say what they mean.

Be masculine and decisive.  

If you want to do something, simply tell her directly.  Don’t ask for her opinion too frequently, as a powerful man has his own opinions!  Imagine you are Christian Grey – and yes, that’s the man that Russian girls (or probably all girls) want!

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Be ready for challenging situations.  

When you have done something wrong, she will let you know rather than pretend that she is not aware of it.  Russian women are straightforward.  They will call you out.  So you’d better be prepared for that!  You can respond with a sense of humor or pure honesty.  It’s up to you, but you’ll need to assess the situation and take action accordingly.  If you can handle this well, that means you have the ability to date Russian ladies in the long term.

Be an alpha man.  

All Russian girls like alpha men.  If you are not manly enough, then Russian women are not for you – yes, it’s that simple.  Don’t tell her that you enjoy reading fashion magazines and you use various skin-care products every day (just keep that to yourself!)

Be a real gentleman.  

Imagine you are living in 1961 – you are supposed to open doors for her, help her with her coat, etc.  Girls from Russia still expect you to do all of these for them.  They are not worried about sexism, so they are happy to do all your housework for you in return.  This is very different from western countries.

Even if she is a sugar baby, it doesn’t mean you can sleep with her quickly.  

A typical Russian sugar baby is best characterized by a hot body and a practical mind.  Yet most Russian women are not easy women at all.  You need to take her out and have at least three dates with her before you can sleep with her.  Therefore, patience is of vital importance.  Russian women want to make sure you are a reliable man before they can have sex with you, so you would be well-advised to let her know that you are trustworthy and you can provide and protect.  Otherwise, she will look for the next sugar daddy.